It seems everyone is looking for the naked pictures of Kathleen Neill, a New York Model who was arrested for posing nude in a Museum for Art. Until the pics are found and posted, enjoy the rest of the visitors to Planet Breast. That was quick, here are some pictures from a passer by. As soon as it is found, I will also include Security Camera Footage of Kathleen Neill from the MET.


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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Kathleen Neill and photographer Zach Hymen received some international attention today as New York Model Kathleen Neill was arrested for indecent exposure for posing nude in the New York Museum of art.
It is still unclear if Zach Hymen's pictures will become part of court evidence in the trial of Kathleen Neill.

The other issue which comes to mind is, this is a Museum of art, one could simply argue Zach Hymen was creating photographic art.

This is not the first time photographer Zach Hymen has been in the news, last month Zach Hymen received some attention for a Nude Now York Subway shoot he did.

In an interview, Zach Hymen was reported as saying Peoples "private parts" are "one of the unifying aspects of being human." I could not have said it better myself. Way to go Zach, for pushing the boundaries as that is the only way society progresses.

For more on Zach Hymen and his photography check out ZACH HYMEN's WEBSITE

We will have to wait for the MET security camera footage

Notice to Photographers

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